Conspiracy reality for boy and girls hot and bothered over Chris and Rhiana

When I first heard about Chris Brown and Rihanna and their big “brawl”, I didn’t really pay much attention to it…until I happened upon the outcome of the trial.  Immediately I drew the following conclusion.  Here it is…a summary of the blow by blows:

The more that I learn about Chris Brown and Rhianna the more I think that the whole thing was staged. First of all, these are celebrities that have access to incredible makeup artists. I’ve seen makeup artist bruises up close and need to get REALLY close and actually touch them to know whether or not they are real or fake. But that’s besides the point. Let’s look at the facts:

First of all, look at the time that they launched their little publicity stunt and the players involved.  So boys and girls, you have…Chris Brown who is….well, Chris Brown. Why does anyone care about him anyway? At the risk of sounding like a “hater”, everything he does requires a voice warmer software plugin to make him sound like has the slightest iota of vocal talent. Even more importantly, he is no Eminem or Tupac when it comes to lyrics. He’s just a silly theater thug who needed “street cred” desperately to maintain the attention to his then (and probably now again) barely breathing career. Again, Chris Brown….he’s just a dime-a-dozen musician (I’m sorry…rapper) and actor who happens to have a beautiful, brilliant, and infinitely talented girlfriend and this hurts his fragile musicians ego (note I say this based on my experience with most male professional musicians who have similar talent to Mr. Brown).  So Rhianna throws him a bone and cooks up this scheme to help him out. After all, this is HER career that she’s risking by pulling this off…not his that is already in the toilet. This is what it means to “stand by your man”.

So let’s roll act 1:

The fight breaks out right before Rhianna releases her album – Check (again, I said she was brilliant).

They fight happens at the time of the biggest music event in the world – Check.

Rihanna reappears with bruises and the controversy begins – Check.

The media goes nuts and it is worldwide headlines (even here in the Philippines where I live where it was red hot for months) – Check.

Rihanna’s album sales soar even bigger than they would have, telling the story of her “traumatic and troubled life”.  It touches the heart of the historically coined “suckers” who fell for the P.T. Barnum inspired three ring circus. Whenever I hear her songs I say, “damn now SHE is a SMART woman!”. That album was all “queued up” and seemed almost prophetic.  Just with all other great conspiracies, most people want to believe the most impossible of coincidences rather than what is infinitely more probable. As Hitler said, “the bigger the lie, the more people will follow it with undying conviction.” Rihanna is admired worldwide for her strength and “courage”. – Check

Chris Brown is now “initially” (innocent until proven guilty mind you) an abusive, vicious, and violet “thug” and is charged with felony battery – Check.

Michael Jackson’s former “superstar” attorney possibly even better known than both Rihanna and Chris Brown combined aka “act 3 of the 3 ring circus”, enters to add even more media fueled star power to the mix – Check.

(Personally I think that they met with both the record executives and this attorney weeks before the incident since this crafty attorney would be the one who could best help them to cook up the plot from the get go since he would know exactly how to play it, milk it for all it’s worth, and then quietly clean it up….but we’re getting to that part.)

*Worldwide fever pitch reverberates through the planet at this point where even I find out about it…and I follow celebrities as little as humanly possible*

To me, next act is where I really start to analyze the situation.


Chris Brown is “officially” a violent thug as he pleads “NO CONTEST” and receives NO JAIL TIME. Now he has that violent criminal felony that gives him the “street cred” that he needs to further his thug image.

Now at this point I hope that nobody reading this actually believes that Chris Brown would ever apply for a job at McDonald’s now do you? While the average person would see a felony conviction as the next worst thing to having a scarlet red “A” burned into their forehead, a felony conviction gives his career a HUGE boost and continued attention (there is no such this as bad publicity…especially for someone wanting to be hated like Mr. Brown…and he milks it for all it’s worth.)

Now this part is the key. Technically, at this point (during the trial), Rhianna has broken no laws. Contrary to what most people believe, nothing is “criminal” until it goes before a judge and a jury decides whether or not a crime has been committed.  I say this because I’ve had to argue this to several people already in person who don’t understand how the law works. This is also why the super rich can get away with murder while an innocent poor man goes to jail on trumped up charges and planted evidence.  So cooking up a wild publicity stunt is not against the law. Stirring up the media into a hurricane frenzy, faking a diagnosis (a diagnosis to degree of injury is only an OPINON unless you go in front of a jury, but the doctor was already assured that this would never happen).  Look at how many people who have been shot in the back of the head during the Clinton administration and it was ruled a “suicide”. So if the chief medical examiner rules it a suicide, it’s impossible to have a murder investigation unless the prosecutor isn’t afraid of his own political career.

Pressing battery charges with the police against Chris Brown is also not a criminal offense until it is ruled as such. Technically, Rihanna could charge Brown if he pinched or lightly slapped her butt. Whether or not he ACTUALLY DID IT would be determined at the trial after her testimony, the “evidence”, along with a medical testimony given under oath to a Grand Jury is required to determine if it would go forward. So this is where everybody could get into SERIOUS trouble for committing perjury, medical fraud, libel, obstruction of justice, and conspiracy on all counts. I’m probably leaving something out, but you get the point. They would be looking at life in prison for all of those charges enforced to the maximum. Celebrity or not, judges and prosecutors do not take kindly to using the court system to promote musical careers. Politically it would be mandatory to make an example out of them to teach others that publicity stunts that use the justice system are unacceptable. Again, their attorney advised them that they’d allow it to go to court, then at this point Brown would plead “no contest” so that nobody would have to go in front of a judge and lie under oath that it “wasn’t” an entirely staged event. Even if they fooled most people, I’m sure that there were dissenting people aware of these kinds of things (like me), that would want a thorough investigation that would immediately expose the truth. Again, an investigation cannot happen if the case is never scheduled for a trial.


So the no contest plea to keep any evidence becoming “official” and henceforth forever under court scrutiny was the smoking gun that points to a conspiracy and a publicity stunt. That effectively ended the trial in anticlimactic fashion. On the other hand, it only enraged the Chris Brown haters to be even more hot and bothered (and empowered his defenders) for getting off so easy.

Everyone was far too emotionally distracted to see the ever present slight of hand. Their minds were filled with the controversy about their personal life, her role as a spokeswoman for battered women and to teach young girls, his royal thuggishness, etc just kept raging on while both the hits and the money kept flowing like it had not done so for the music industry in years.

In politics this is known as a False Flag event. When a small tightly knit and well financed group carries out a terrorist attack to create a political frenzy where all logic and reason goes out the window. Those who dissent are shouted down as “anti-(fill in the blank)” or haters, or whatever. The insanity goes on for years until it finally burns itself out. Most of you reading this can probably figure out where you have seen other False Flag events throughout history once everyone calmed down, looked at all of the evidence, and MOST IMPORTANTLY – FOLLOWED THE MONEY.

Following the money always leads to the truth.  The fans threw money at the music industry and the media had a windfall. An otherwise boring annual music awards ceremony had new life bred into it in the public mind for years to come. Whenever they’d hear of that particular music awards, those old emotions would be triggered in the mind. Think about why 911 was chosen to occur on 9/11/2001. Psychologists (and psychology buffs like me) believe that 911 was chosen since it is seen and heard everywhere…and it will be something that guarantees emotions will be stirred whether or not you believe the official story.


Chris Brown’s career defied the impossible and allowed him to crank out at least 1-2 more LP’s when he was otherwise washed up. And Rihanna?  If she was a superstar before, she is now a global giga star and an icon for young girls worldwide. Again, in China, Japan, and the Philippines, Rhiana is huge.

I don’t know if similar theories have been put forth since I first connected these dots last year and otherwise forgot about it for the most part. But all of the parallels to history has been spinning around inside of my head since I first heard about it and I instinctually didn’t believe a word of what the media was saying and found the behavior of both fans and non-fans alike to be bizarre. I actually began laughing out loud when I heard about the “no contest” plea. The truth was so freakin’ obvious, but I didn’t bother to investigate since, after all, they are just celebrities. While I find geopolitics and investment markets fascinating and interconnected, I never bothered to put my thoughts down in writing until yesterday’s brain fart.

So were their actions sociopathic on their part? Possibly….but nobody got hurt and I must give them credit for hugely entertaining billions of people in the process. So what about an act of sheer genius where “real life” is better than “fiction” (or in this case they are one in the same)?

Without a doubt.

So in conclusion, this was a classic “False Flag”….an “Inside Job” as others might call it. All pieces of the puzzle fell perfectly into place where there was not even the slightest mention of a possible conspiracy in the mainstream media. Again, they are entertainers for goodness sake and these days, most people have integrated “reality TV” into their lives as entertainment, the lines of what is real and what is fiction will be blurred for the foreseeable future. Look at how much war and vicious fighting these two entertainers stirred up. After witnessing the shock and awe that was the pre-trial, I’m personally blown away that their fans didn’t go running into Boise, Idaho to look for WMD’s

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5 Responses to Conspiracy reality for boy and girls hot and bothered over Chris and Rhiana

  1. asithi says:

    This is a pretty analysis of the whole Rihanna and Chris Brown case. I don’t follow celebrity gossip so I never think of it. But you are right, when you follow the money, it seems like every one who was involved ended up richer than before.

  2. Coach says:

    It’s about time that I see an article that makes sense out of all of the nonsense between those two! It really is ridiculous how much publicity they received, and it didn’t make sense how those police photos “leaked” out like that. I think it was staged also.

  3. Linda G. Cox says:

    I don’t quite get it. I mean I get this article, and it could very well be an accurate description of reality, what I don’t get is how you found my blog and left a comment with you’re commentluv leading me here, to this one article! Who are you?
    I’d love to know!

    • admin says:

      Who am I Linda? Let’s just say that I’m a girl who has been trained in these type of scenarios with quite a bit more insight than what I’ve written here :) I would have replied earlier but the think tanks to which I contribute have been very demanding of my time lately…but they pay well for connecting the dots so I cannot complain….

      I think I found your site in the same way that you found mine…just by following links and keeping an open mind :)

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