I’m young, female, Asian, and highly opinionated.  This is not the first blog I’ve ever done but, for the first time, this one is going to be all about me or things that I’m passionate about.  Much of what I’ll be writing is something that I’ve archived in my journal but never revealed.  So much is going on in the world right now in these “interesting times” (old Chinese proverb) that I am compelled to write it all down here.  It will take me some time to get everything going, so if you find things incomplete, keep your pants on…it will get done when it gets done.

I love guns, bigger guns, science, photography, audio, video, and multimedia editing.  I hold several passports.  While I love guns, I hate war.  One of the few wishes that I have is that I won’t ever need to defend myself if someone wants to push me.  It’s not that I would be afraid of them but would instead have a heavy heart that the world would fall so far down into the pit it is sinking into already.

Some will love me.  Some will be deeply offended by me and will curse my birth simply because they disagree with me.  Others will hate or resent me because I am so independent of the system while they know that they are 3 meals away from rioting should their safety net ever be removed from beneath them.  I do not need to prove anything I might say in an offhand way since, to me, the things I’ve done are no longer a big deal.  It’s called humility.  I know humility just like I know the difference between arrogance and confidence.  So one should be not so quick to confuse my confidence for arrogance.  I realize that so many of the things that have happened in my life seem impossible.  I will do my best to not talk about impossible sounding things, because it will only ignite a fire under those who could never duplicate my life.  Because they are abject failures and are insecure, they automatically assume that my life is the same and I sit in my mommies basement pretending to be a big girl.  If that’s what they want to believe, then they have the right to their opinion whether it is their own opinion or someone is paying them to discredit the things I may say (and have actually said in other places).  Make no mistake about it, there are tens or maybe of either hundreds of thousands of people who are paid by their governments to perform “mining” operations in an attempt to debunk or discredit you to protect the “Establishment”.  I even got into a debate (well actually he attacked me) with an admitted government employee who was even so bold as to tell me where he was located and who he worked for.  That raised my suspicions.  If was only later on that debate did he reveal that while he was supposedly an “admin” officer, he was part of a “team” that scoured the internet looking to discredit or smear anyone who had a differing opinion than what he was told to enforce.  There was no compromise, no discussion, and everything was either “if you don’t submit, you will lick government boots” or they launch verbal ad hominem and straw man attacks until you are exhausted, making the weak minded followers of those “debates” to think that they had won, even if you had clearly cleaned their clock and were just repeating yourself to a screaming child with their hands over their ears.  I was glad that I ended the discussion since it allowed him the chance to screw up and reveal himself and his paid agenda.  As I’ve asserted elsewhere, someone who will be paid to be a “brownshirt” for the government is either desperate or not very smart…assuming that they ever learned what has always happened to “brownshirts” or those like them throughout history.

But the point is that, on the internet, debate is a waste of time unless you are certain that you are dealing with a person who is not some compartmentalized and barely-trained monkey who is doing what their job requires of them.  Heck, if someone wanted to pay me my going rate to fight endlessly with stupid people I’d never say that I couldn’t be tempted.  But the difference between them and me is that I would never sell out my beliefs, and it’s safe to say that my beliefs, opinions, or even the facts I know does not make their employers happy.

That said, I will not debate with ideologues who are too stupid or lazy to find out the truth for themselves and prove to me their point of view.  I have yet to see this happen however.  Furthermore, if people are not willing to agree to disagree, then I reserve the right to boot them out.  I believe in free speech, but if it’s clear that it is paid speech, then this is where I draw the line.

For those who think that they can threaten or stalk me it’s up to them.  But they shouldn’t be surprised when a 50 caliber sniper round is screaming toward their heads.  I am not a violent person, but I am not about to be intimidated in my own home by a sociopath in a ninja suit.  If you are that thug who thinks that he has been well trained to handle “one little girl”, I can pretty much guarantee that not only can I recite all of your training manuals, but I probably know all of the things that only your bosses know.  And if they know what I do, they’ve left your domain long ago to leave you high and dry.  It’s amazing what a classical education can teach someone who is interested in chemistry, engineering, metallurgy, tumblers, computers, aviation, linguistics, and basically everything under the sun.  So if you think that you woke up early enough to outthink me where you are one step ahead, all I can say to you bubba is that I don’t sleep.

Don’t tread on me.  The rattle is there to tell you that, if you are smart, you will stay far away.  Besides, you have no idea how many more of me are trained and ready for you should you ever think that you can make history repeat itself.

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  1. Squeaky says:

    I love it! Go get ‘em girl!

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